Foot Pulse ACU

Foot Pulse ACU

Device based on TENS Technology

How does it help?
  • Relief Tingling or Numbness In Feet Area
  • Reducing Knee pain, Heel Pain or Calf Pain
  • Reducing Severe Feet Pain
  • Tens Pads for Back Pain or Neck Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis Treatment
  • Bunion Pain
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    6-8 days
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    12 months
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    No side
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    Low Power
  • ce-approved
  • dc-op
    DC Operated
    for safety

How to USE IT?

Sit comfortably and relax
Place your bare feet on the foot pad
Switch on the device and adjust the intensity either directly or using the remote
Use the additional pads on the body parts where you may have pain. Do not apply pads directly on bones / joints

Benefits of Foot Pulse Acu

Do you feel exhilarated after a workout session at gym? This feeling of freshness and excitement is caused due to the release of pain relieving hormones endorphins. You will feel the same way after using Foot Pulse ACU that helps to relieve stress after a tedious day, along with being effective in foot pain treatment, orthotics and plantar fasciitis.

With Foot Pulse ACU, you can boost endorphins naturally in your body without the use of any sort of medication. Besides helping to soothe your mind and body, it also helps to improve the immune system, lowers the blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

Foot Pulse ACU helps relieve

Diabetic Foot Pain

Arthritic Foot Pain

Toe and Ankle Pain

Swollen Foot

Severe Pain at Night

Foot Pulse ACU is safe and easy to use. It has no side effects and helps to make your legs healthy.


How does Foot Pulse ACU WORK ?

Foot Pulse ACU comes with an innovative technology called “ACUpulse” that is a revolutionary therapy in pain relief.

How does ACU Pulse work?

ACUpulse sends mild and regulated electrical impulses in the form of stimulating pulses over the surface of the skin and into nerve endings. These electrical impulses from ACUpulse perform twofold actions :

Blocks these pain messages from reaching the brain, which reduces pain quickly and
Stimulates the body to produce endorphins, the natural pain killing hormones



Innovative Product

Patent pending technology with innovative electrical muscle stimulation to boost circulation.


Slim Design

Easy to place under your furniture or office desk.


Simple To Use

Just adjust the intensity as per your comfort, relax and feel the pain go.


Easy To Carry

Light weight product which can be easily carried form one place to another


Ergonomic Comfort

The product is designed to be ergonomically comforting to the feet.


Sleek Design

The product body is aesthetically appealing and visually pleasing.


Ultra Durable Electronics

It is built to last long.


Low Power Consumption

Consumes negligible amount of power.