Knee Arthritis

Are you one of the millions of people suffering from Osteoarthritis ?

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people suffering from osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the second most common rheumatologic problem and it is the most frequent joint disease with a prevalence of 22% to 39% in India. OA is more common in women than men. Nearly, 45% of women over the age of 65 years have symptoms while 70% of those over 65 years show radiological evidence of OA

October 12 is being celebrated as World Arthritis Day (WAD) — a day designed to raise global awareness about all facets of the disease.

In the next decade or so, knee arthritis is expected to emerge as the fourth most common cause of physical disability in India. More than 15 crore Indians suffer from knee problems, out of which four crores need a total knee replacement, imposing a considerable health burden on the society and country. The most common arthritis in India is age-related degenerative arthritis which involves degeneration (wear and tear) of cartilage and can affect any joint such as the knee. However, while in Indian females, the average age for the onset of knee problems is 50 years, in Indian males, it is 60 years. The reasons for early onset in females include obesity and poor nutrition. As many as 90% of Indian women are deficient in vitamin D, which is critical in controlling bone metabolism. Its absence in the body directly or indirectly affects the knee

What are the main symptoms of Osteoarthritis?

The pain tends to be worse when you move your joint at the start or end of the day. If you have severe Osteoarthritis, you may feel pain more often.

The swelling may be hard (caused by osteophytes) or soft (caused by synovial thickening and extra fluid) and the muscles around your joints may look thin or wasted.

Your joints may creak or crunch as you move.

Your joints may feel stiff after rest, but this usually wears off as you get moving.

Your joints may not move as freely or as far as normal. Sometimes it may give way because your muscles have weakened or your joints have become less stable. Exercises to strengthen your muscles can help to prevent this.

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