Swollen Feet

Are you suffering with swollen feet and ankles ?

If you or a loved one suffer with puffy feet and ankles it could be the result of insufficient muscle stimulation in your lower limbs. Puffy feet can affect the simple things we love doing like gardening, walking the dog or playing with grandchildren.

Why do you suffer with swollen feet and ankles ?

When blood flow is interrupted or obstructed in the feet then these symptoms may occur. Without proper blood flow in these areas then pooling of the blood and/or extra fluid can begin to build up as fluid is forced out of blood vessels into the surrounding tissue. This pressure can cause puffiness in one or both feet and often restricting the range of movement.

Returning blood to the heart from your feet and ankles is hard work, because blood has to be pushed uphill. Factors that effect your ability to return blood back to the heart are.

Factors that effect your ability to return blood back to the heart are :


Medical Conditions




General Immobility


Being Less Active

It’s vital to keep your lower leg muscles pumping to relieve or prevent these symptoms.

How does Companio help relieve swollen feet and ankles?

The Foot pulse Exo harnesses the power of scientifically-proven Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology
which has been used as a medical therapy for almost a century. It actively contracts and relaxes your feet muscles to stimulate lower limbs and help alleviate puffiness in the feet and ankles.

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